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Volunteers are needed for the World AIDS Day Event

Your time and your talents are wonderful ways to remember
those we have lost and to serve those now in need.

We need volunteers to serve in various areas of support positions such as, Food Servers, Parking Attendants and Ushers.

If you can help please provide your phone number and the best time to reach you.

Please let us know your availability. Any and all support is very welcome and appreciated.

You may ontact us by filling out the below forms, or visit the Contact page.

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Scroll down for Volunteer Job Descriptions

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Volunteer Job Descriptions


Greeters will be meeting the guests and will be available to assist handicapped or physically challenged people with special needs.

Parking Attendants:

Parking Attendants will be directing and assisting guests at the various parking lots in the area. They will be provided with flashlights. As needed, they will escort guests to the facility or elevator. This is not a valet function. Guests will park their own vehicles and retain their keys.


Ushers will be accepting tickets and assisting guests to their seats according to the information listed on the ticket or by a member of the Board of Directors. They will be collecting Scribe Tickets and taking them to the stage during the performance. Also, two ushers will be asked to assist with the raising of the AIDS Ribbon during the show.


Servers will be asked to assist in the set up and take down of food tables and chairs for two receptions, one smaller reception prior to the show and a larger one following. They will be asked to serve appetizers and non alcoholic beverages. Also they will assist those with needs in caring foods or beverages.


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